Connecting Your Closet With
Every day approximately 4 billion people have to make choices on what to wear. For some these are split-second decisions, for others these are dilemmas.

The WODROB Connected Closet App is a fashion engagement web and mobile application made for those who are quick to decide, as well as for those who need to deliberate. It's built around your closet and your preferences. It lets you manage your closet, plan your outfits, and showcase your style while continuously helping you make more informed decisions on what to wear, how to wear it, what to buy, and where to buy from.

Key Features

India’s First Closet Management & Daily Styling App

Fashion Discovery

Browse trending products and inspirational looks.

Closet Management

Digitise, organise and manage your closet.

Daily Styling

Style outfits from your closet and plan your calendar.

Personalised Recommendations

Personalised suggestions on what to wear and what to buy.

Digital Wardrobe

Start with a capsule and replace them with what you own.

Calendar & Logbook

Plan your outfits for dailywear & events. Keep a track of what was worn when.

Catalog & Lookbook

Explore new & trending product, looks and articles from hundreds of brands, influencers and publications.

Curation & Personalisation

Get recommendations that are filtered and refined to your tastes.

Styling Canvas

Mix and match items on a canvas to visualise your looks.

Style Council

Get expert advice from our council of stylists, image consultants and fashionistas.


Get feedback from your family or friends on what to wear and buy.


Engage with the community by asking questions and posting tips & recommendations.